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Premium .TEL

Starting on Wednesday, June 21st 2017, the .tel Registry released thousands of .tel domain names to the public – including many previously unreleased 1 and 2 character and other premium domain names.

What is a .tel premium domain name?

A .tel premium domain name is a high value web address that has a higher than standard price to reflect its relative value in the marketplace, including one and two character domains, popular keyword domains and generic term domains that are in high demand. Premium domain names are generally those that can be used by many different people for many different reasons.

How much do .tel premium domain names cost?

As with many new top level domains,.tel domain names are priced in different value tiers, reflecting the relative value of different types of domain names. Please check with your preferred .tel Retailer for further details regarding the price of specific .tel domain names. It’s important to note that prices will vary according to each retailer’s individual pricing policies and practices.

Why are .tel domain names priced in different value tiers?

The domain name market has evolved substantially since the early days of the internet and .tel is evolving with it. As the market for domains has grown, it has become clear that not all domain names are created equal. Just as with real estate or stocks, when value and demand for domain names is high, the market must adjust. To ensure for the fair and efficient allocation of .tel domain names, a tiered pricing model ensures that .tel domain names are priced in a manner that best reflects their true value. Value tiers are based on a variety of attributes, including thousands of historic and comparable sales, current market trends and keyword values, among other things.

How much does it cost to renew a .tel premium domain name?

Even if you paid a premium value price to register your .tel domain name, your renewal rate will be the standard.tel renewal fee charged for all .tel domain names. Please check with your preferred retailer for details, as fees may differ.

How and where can I register a .tel premium domain name?

Registering a premium .tel domain name is exactly like registering any standard domain name from your preferred domain retailer. Simply visit one of a growing list of retailers, type in the name you’re interested in, put it in your cart and pay for it. It’s as easy as that.



  • 東京.com

  • 京都.com

  • 发财致富.com

  • 發財致富.com

  • jdot.com

  • jpip.com

  • jpub.com

  • utte.com

  • asobo.com

  • eigyo.com

  • jcafe.com

  • jsurf.com

  • bsds.net

  • ipinfo.net

  • freedb.net

  • mycgi.org



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